Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday I spent the day in Storden learning to spin.  What a wonderful group of new friends I found.  I met Connie at the New Ulm Trade sale and expressed my interest in learning to spin and she told me of the group she and her sister Candy had started;  Storden's Stitch in Time.  The group are local women dedicated to traditional fiber arts and sharing their knowledge.  Connie told me if I would like to come to the group she would teach me to spin.  I was so excited to find someone and a group at that, where I could go to learn to spin and to talk to others who shared my interest in weaving and other fiber arts.

MaryB and I  had the most fantastic day with these ladies!!!!   MaryB came to live with me and be my companion as I enter the spinning world.  She did her best with this new green student and I'm sure she will become a great friend as I strive to become a spinner.

Connie started out by introducing me to  MaryB's parts and what those parts would do.  Then I practiced how to treadle on the spinning wheel.  Connie's sheep Lulu kindly gave her fleece for me to get started with and Connie explained to me how to process raw wool from the washing process to carding the wool in preparation to start spinning.  Connie did a lot of prep work by washing some of Lulu's beautiful white wool for me and it was delightful to work with.  I then learned how to card the wool.  Next it was up to me and MaryB to get acquainted and start learning how to spin.  Connie and her sister, Candy are wonderful teachers showing me how to get started and offering encouragement and suggestions as I struggled to draft and spin the wool.  I'm hoping by next month's get together I can successfully join on new pieces of the carded wool in a smooth fashion as well as having the fiber look more like yarn on the bobbin instead of a bunch of lumps and bumps!!!  lol  Everyone there assured me that it will come to me but I have always been the kind that struggles taking the baby steps when  I would like to be jumping and skipping before I know how to walk!  I do know now, that I have caught the bug to spin.  The feel of the fiber sliding through your fingers and seeing it go onto your bobbin and knowing that when it becomes fiber to weave with is just amazing.

I would like to thank Connie and Candy for their patience and sharing of their knowledge, I know with their mentorship I can do this!!!!!  

Here are some pictures of yesterday's adventures and new friends I made.

Me and MaryB

Betty spinning her beautiful green fiber

Brenda and Candy spinning

Drafting and spinning 


  1. Peg, I'm so excited that you're starting to blog. I'm looking forward to following you on your adventures. Do you know from what breed of sheep the fleece belongs? I've worked with Icelandic and Navajo. Icelandic is like cotton candy. ---Joyce

  2. Peg, I'm glad you got your blog started .... lovely picures, wonder who took them (?????) .... thanks for coming yesterday and making the day so much fun! I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

    Joyce, if you re-read this, LuLu is a Corriedale cross sheep and has lovely long soft fleece.

  3. I think this lovely lady named Connie took the pictures for me!!!! Thank you Connie! I should have put what kind of sheep LuLu was.