Wednesday, April 11, 2012

After my day at Storden, I returned home armed with a list of items I would need to continue on my journey into spinning.  I went searching out on the internet for a Niddy Noddy and a yarn swift.  I ran across the directions to make both of them from PVC pipe and excitedly printed off the pattern and the supply list and went to show my hubby.  He said he could make them for me.  So the next day he went downtown to pick up the supplies.  And here is what he made for me!  He tweaked the pattern somewhat so that I can move the arms on the swift in and out.

Much to my surprise he used a piece of wood that I had branded with my buffalo branding iron that I use on my wood furniture for Rendezvousing.

Today my package arrived from The Woolery and it included my hand carders, my bobbin winder for weaving with my boat shuttles and a few new bobbins for my spinning wheel.

The other night I sat with my spinning wheel and new words....pinch, pull and ride it down, pinch, pull and ride it down.  I think I was talking in my sleep that night saying those words over and over.   lol  I found if I pre-drafted my fleece a lot I didn't have so many lumps and bumps along the way.  I am hoping that eventually it will become a motion that I won't even have to think about as I continue to learn to spin.  That's about it from my little world, I have fleece rinsing as I type and it's time to go and take care of it.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest adventures and come back soon!!!

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  1. Love your wool winder! Pretty soon you will be so comfortable that you will zone out and nearly fall asleep (trust me, I've done that!) .... keep on! I'm proud of you!